Macintosh Plus 1MB repair


We have recently received a vintage Macintosh Plus 1MB for repair from our French customer.

This beautiful fellow was born in 1986, but externally it looks almost like new – it was well looked after all the time. Unfortunately, it has suddenly stopped working – no power, blank screen, no chime, no single sign of life.

Step 1 – Diagnostics

We made every effort to get this lovely thing back to life, because it would be a huge loss to dispose it of. We did a thorough visual inspection to determine whether there are any visible signs of fault (burnt components, swollen capacitors, blown fuses etc) but found nothing interesting at components’ side. Also, all the main voltages seemed to be good. Further inspection on bottom side of the analog board revealed a potential problem – solder damage on analog-to-logic connector, which is a so-called “cold solder”.

Step 2 – Repair process

We got rid of the old solder, cleaned connector pins and PCB and applied a new solder onto them. Below you can see the results:

Step 3 – Tests

After repair we have assembled the computer back and connected it to the mains. Hooray! It came back to life!


The only thing left was to re-align the size, placement and geometry of the screen, set the proper focus voltage and remove all particles of dust from an interior. All of these to prevent from further problems.

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