Our Services

Our Services

We offer a professional, wide range, out-of-warranty repairs of all types of Apple devices. We do all levels of repairs – even those extremely difficult. No matters how badly damaged is your device, we don’t know what “impossible” means. We repair all Apple devices, including all types of vintage machines like Apple I-III, Lisa, Macintosh Plus/Classic/Portable, PowerBook, iBook, Power Mac and so on. Here is what we repair on a daily basis:

  • – iMac, iMac Pro, eMac, Mac Mini etc.
  • – MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iBook etc.
  • – iPad 1-5, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro etc.
  • – iPhone 3 up to iPhone XS Max
  • – Apple I-III, Lisa, Macintosh, Power Mac etc.
  • – Apple Watch, iPod, AirPods, Apple TV etc.

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Found your Mac Mini painfully slow? Got lines or grey screen on your iMac? Your computer won’t turn on? We will fix all of these issues!


Liquid spillage, cracked screen, swollen battery? No matter how badly damage is your Mac, we fix 99% of issues down to component level.

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Smashed screen? Charger port has stopped working? Need a new battery? Don’t panic! We are here to help – quickly and effectively.

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Cracked screen, flat battery, faulty charging port, liquid spillage, sound issues, data recovery – we actually know everything about your iPhone!


Brought a Macintosh from the US and connected it to UK mains? Cannot source battery for your clamshell PowerBook? We are prepared for everything!

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How many repair shops can repair such a wide range of Apple devices? Apple Watch, TV box, iBook, Power Mac – for us it is everyday.

Dear Customers, we are growing for you! We are pleased to announce that ELVIKOM Ltd has become the ELVIKOM LAB Ltd - the largest electronics lab in the UK! Our main pillars of activity will be: repairing of an Apple products, repairing of other computer equipment (all brands of desktop PCs, laptops and game consoles), repairing of high-end electronics (e.g. Hi-Fi audio, automotive technology), custom PCB designs and - in the near future - advanced trainings in repairing of the wide electronics. Thanks to our strategic partner, BITS N PC's company, we can temporarily use their shops until we can complete setting up our brand new premises in Worcester! More details soon.