Repair Process

How does it work - step by step

Step 1
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Contact us

When something wrong happens to your machine, you should act quickly to prevent it from getting worse. This is especially important on liquid spillages, where the corrosion may irrepairably damage the logic board. As soon as you contact us, we will arrange the collection or advice you to drop the machine in if you are local.

Step 2
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As soon as your machine is with us, we perform a full diagnostics and inform you about the results. This usually takes 1-2 working days. We will also issue an estimate for the work. Now it's your turn - simply approve or decline it. Please remember that there is no diagnosis charge or any other fee to pay.

Step 3
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When you give us go-ahead for the repair, we will start the repair process. Usually it takes 2-5 working days, but sometimes it may take longer (especially when spare parts are available outside of the UK only or, we have to implement a special test procedures). But don't worry, we will always keep you updated and you will never miss a thing.

Step 4
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Collection and Payment

As soon as repair is completed, we issue an invoice for the work. Once it is paid, we either send your machine back to you or, advice to collect it in person if you are local. Of course you can pay on collection if you wish to do so. We accept both cash and card payments (including American Express cards).

Why Choose Us

Some of Our Features

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Our mission is to provide our Customers with services of the highest quality standards. We meet no compromises - we either do it perfectly or not at all. Try us out and quickly discover that your device is in the best hands throughout the UK!

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We are one of the most experienced team in computer repairs across the world! Over 30 years of consumer electronics repairs and nearly 20 years in electronics designs. We haven't learnt from Youtube nor completed a 2-week online course - we really know how to do this job properly!

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Our team is a group of people crazy (in a positive sense) about electronics, for whom the world of computer technology is not only a way to earn money, but - beyond everything - a life passion!

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Our expert staff meet the most restrictive standards of data confidentiality and safety. Regardless of kind of your data (private or business) you can be sure that your data is safe with us and we make every effort to protect it with a highest possible standards!

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Happy Customers

Our engineers cooperate with hundreds of repair companies and computer shops across the world, providing the best possible services to their customers. Thousands of 5-star reviews speak for themselves - every day we do our best to satisfy our Customers.

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Quick Repair Process

We have all necessary service equipment - such as BGA machines, soldering stations, oscilloscopes, microscopes, programmers and many others - to carry out even the most complex repairs. This allows us to significantly reduce the repair time.

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No Fix - No Fee

In a very rare case of not being able to repair your device, we will not charge you with any costs of such repair attempt. If we can't fix your device, we won't earn any money - as honest as that!

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Free Diagnostics

We are confident with our skills and we don't charge any diagnostics fees as others do. Choose us and save your money!